By monitoring traffic and learning what content is published on domains, OpenTLD is able to to improve its services and prevents fraud.

The OpenTLD Spider is a proprietary technology that continuously analyses domains and DNS data. Its purpose is to look at the content type, source and destination of traffic and detect abusive behaviours. This allow for greater openness and freedom in Registry policies while keeping our domains safe.

The Spider is also used to determine what type of device visits a given website, and can offer opportunities for improving services and showing more relevant content.

Hundreds of millions of DNS requests are processed every day, and the result of this research will directly contribute to improving DNS resolution technology.

Partnership with University College London

OpenTLD partners with the University College London to enhance Spider technology with artificial intelligence. Not only does the Spider look at the text contained in websites, but it can also see images and videos, and understand the context of a page.




Scans millions of domains each day

Since version 2.6, the Spider is fully cloud-based and instantly scalable. It adjusts its speed based on the number of new domain registrations and can review millions of websites per day.


Detects abusive content in 18 languages

Since version 2.0, the Spider is able to review sites in 18 languages, including languages based on foreign character sets like Mandarin Chinese and Thai.



Security with Freedom

In a world where the demand for domains and technology explodes, the OpenTLD Spider allows businesses and governments to open their platform while controlling content effectively. This technology replaces the need for authorization a priori by enabling verification a posteriori. More Freedom, more possibilities.