With new possibilities come new threats, and OpenTLD invests massively in fighting abuse and cyber crime.

By combining the OpenTLD Spider and DNS traffic data, we are able to detect abuse patterns and prevent most attempts to misuse our domains. And to ensure the highest level of security for internet users, we have developed a unique Anti-abuse API which allows Trusted Partners to suspend fraudulent domains automatically.

This exclusive technology is already used by dozens of security companies, law enforcement agencies and research institutes to improve the safety of our domains. Today, OpenTLD’s domains are recognized as being among the safest in the world.

Some of our Anti-abuse partners:


Architelos ranks .TK among safest TLDs

Up 32 places since last Quarter’s report, .TK is now on 15th position of the safest TLDs in the world while totalling more domains than the 14 TLDs above it collectively. This performance is largely due to the increase of number of Anti-Abuse partners, as well as the release of OpenTLD Spider version 2.6.

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