OpenTLD maintains close relationships with several technical and non-technical partners who help improve our technology and the reach of our domains.

ccTLD Partners



.TK was launched in 2007 by Teletok and has since become the world’s largest ccTLD with over 21 million domains. 



.ML was launched early 2013 by AGETIC of Mali and was the first African TLD to offer free domains.



.GA was launched mid-2013 by ANINF of Gabon and has already become the largest and most successful TLD in Central Africa.


Central African Republic

.CF was launched in 2013 by SOCATEL of Centrafrique. Despite the events in the country, the TLD has had remarkable results.

Technical Partners




OpenTLD and CNNIC have recently concluded
a partnership aimed to expand their
respective DNS capacity in Beijing and Amsterdam.


University College London

The University College London has helped
OpenTLD design the Spider software that
is responsible for scanning and categorizing
all domains under management.

The .TK success story

From smallest to largest ccTLD on the internet, the .TK story demonstrate the sheer demand for free domains, and has made these small atols famous around the world.

While being mostly free, .TK has been recognized as one of the safest TLDs in the world, well ahead of .NL, .EU, .FR, .JP, or .BR.

Source: Architelos NameSentry Report, Nov 2013.