OpenTLD B.V. is the world’s largest privately-owned DNS company and the operator of the internet’s first country-code Top Level Domain : the .TK. With over 30 million active domains running on its own global AnyCast DNS infrastructure, OpenTLD is responsible for 10% of all the domains worldwide. Since its creation in 2007, the company has developed new technology and a unique business model allowing the creation and distribution of free domains.

With an internet population expected to reach 4 billion users in the next 3 years, OpenTLD’s mission is to provide the means for people to express themselves, and develop their online identity, at no cost.

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No new gTLD registrations or inbound transfers will be accepted from 26 August 2015 through 24 November 2015.


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OpenTLD in numbers :


Million domains managed
Million DNS requests per day
Global AnyCast locations

Full Registry Solutions

OpenTLD’s Registry solution integrates all components needed to operate a Top Level Domain: AnyCast DNS, Registration Engine, Registrar & Reseller interface, and APIs.

AnyCast Cloud DNS

OpenTLD’s AnyCast Cloud DNS is one of the largest and most resilient network of its kind. With over 465 million DNS requests per day, it supports 8% of all the domains on the internet.

Strategic Partners

OpenTLD maintains close relationships with several technical and non-technical partners who help improve our technology and the reach of our domains.

Vertically Integrated

Whether you are an ICANN Accredited Registrar, a webhosting company or an online entrepreneur interested in offering Free or Paid domains to your users and customers, OpenTLD has a solution for you.


RealtimeTLD gives the possibility to add a Top Level Domain to OpenTLD’s platform and start new domain registrations in 5 minutes, while current standards require days or even weeks to launch a new extension.

Technical Innovation

We are working on a number of projects to improve DNS technology and change the way it is used by industry professionals and end-users.

".TK looks to be responsible for almost half of the growth in the overall number of domain names."

− Michael Berkens,

"The ccTLD for Tokelau (.TK) reports the largest zone with just over 19 million reported domain names."

− Council of European National Top level Domain Registries (CENTR)

"It’s the fastest-growing TLD."

− Kevin Murphy,